Caulking Guns

What is caulking?

Caulking involves using a material, like a filler or silicone, to seal gaps and cracks in surfaces. To apply, a caulking tool is used to ensure precision and control. A professional caulking gun will allow you to use large quantities of product with ease.

Which caulking gun is best for a trade painter?

If you’re a trade painter doing a big project, a large sturdy caulking gun should be used. The Monarch Heavy-Duty Skeleton Caulking Gun is made from durable materials so it can withstand all conditions. It also comes with a quick release push lever which enables easy cartridge change over. 

Is there a professional caulking gun which can open cartridge seals?

When undertaking a caulking project, cartridge seals generally need to be cut off with a Stanley knife which can be hazardous for the user. Monarch’s Blue Skeleton Caulking Gun comes with a built-in seal punch so cartridge seals can be removed with ease.

Where would I use a caulk gun?

Silicone caulking projects usually involve sealing wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, roofs and gutters. This stops any leakage and mould related to excess water. Fillers are best used for caulking skirting boards, and ceilings and sealing up any cracks in walls.

You can also use a caulking gun with construction adhesives to bond most common building materials such as timber, ceramics, metal and masonry.

The best way to apply silicone, fillers or adhesives with your caulking gun is to hold it to the area that needs to be filled at a 45-degree angle. Dispense the product by using an even pressure when pulling the trigger.

Can I still use a larger caulking gun with a Monarch Mini canister?

Yes! Our Monarch Mini range of products will still fit into a standard size caulking gun.