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Painting Kits FAQ

Why would I purchase a roller paint kit?

Roller paint kits are an easy way for the time poor professional to get a job completed, as it saves you having to look around for each individual item in store or online. 

What are the features of Monarch’s professional heavy-duty paint roller kits?

Monarch professional paint roller kits have been designed with the trade painter in mind. The kits include:

  • A paint tray with a sturdy reinforced structure for added strength and durability.
  • A roller frame with an ergonomic handle grip for exceptional control.
  • An ultra microfibre roller cover that distributes even, consistent paint coverage onto your chosen surface.

What are the features of Monarch’s professional mini roller kits?

Monarch Mini roller paint kits have been designed to give the trade painter more mobility. Mini roller kits are perfect for a wide range of smaller painting projects, including doors, trims and cupboards. They’re also ideal for touch ups and painting within confined spaces.