Roller Frames

Roller Frames FAQ

What are the benefits of using a professional paint roller frame?

To get the most out of your professional paint roller frames, a trade painter should use a heavy duty paint roller frame. Monarch’s wide range of trade roller frames are constructed using premium, durable materials. This allows the frame to not flex or lose shape. 

If you’re looking for something more lightweight in order to avoid fatigue when doing a big paint job, Monarch’s aluminium paint roller frames are the perfect choice. The quality inner bearings assist with providing a super smooth roll action to reduce paint splatter and track marks.

When would I need to use an adjustable paint roller frame?

Adjustable Yoke roller frames are ideal for fast and effective painting of bigger surface areas, such as large-scale industrial flooring. These professional roller frames allow professional painters to apply paint with less movement and an even pressure. This level of control will ensure that you’ll still achieve that beautiful, smooth finish. 

Monarch’s Adjustable Yoke roller frame extends from 270 – 460mm and fits all standard roller covers between these sizes. The heavy-duty metal thread fits all standard extension poles.