Drop Sheets

Drop Sheets

What is the best drop sheet for painting?

It is crucial to have a durable drop sheet when undertaking any painting project in order to protect floors, doors and furniture. Choosing a drop sheet comes down to the specific project that you’re undertaking. Monarch has a broad range of drop sheets in various sizes to protect all types of surfaces.

When should you use a heavy duty plastic drop sheet?

Monarch’s Heavy Duty Plastic Drop sheet is ideal for protecting floors, doors and windows while painting or renovating. It comes in a 2.6 x 3.6m size which is perfect for medium to large size areas. Plastic drop sheets are easy to assemble and tape in place, saving you time when preparing to paint.

This drop sheet is thick and durable, so it won’t tear or leak. The Heavy Duty Plastic drop sheet is blue in colour, which will also highlight any paint spatter or spills clearly.

If you prefer a traditional clear drop sheet, which is equally durable, the Monarch Clear Plastic Drop Sheet is the perfect choice.

When should you use a canvas drop sheet?

Canvas drop sheets are a great choice for the trade painter or somebody who undertakes frequent DIY jobs. This is because canvas drop sheets are reusable, which makes them the economical and sustainable choice.

The Heavy Duty Non-Slip Canvas Drop Sheet has a non-slip rubber backing which provides stability when painting on smooth surfaces, such as floorboards or polished tiles. The double-sided hemming eliminates any fraying and increases the durability of this drop sheet. It comes in a variety of sizes which will cover large rooms and narrower areas such as passageways.

What can I use to seal off entire rooms?

When undertaking a renovation, paint spatter and dust can reach other rooms in the house. If you need to seal off a specific room, the Monarch Domestic Zip Door Kit is a lightweight, temporary door solution. The double sided zip allows easy access between rooms and its size will fit most standard domestic door frames and entryways. The kit also comes with a plastic drop sheet and double sided tape for an added layer of protection.

If you need a larger size for commercial jobs, the Monarch Commercial Zip Door will accommodate doorways up to 4 metres high.