Mini Rollers

Mini Rollers

When should you use a mini paint roller?

A mini roller is an ideal tool to use for small paint projects. Our professional mini rollers have a modern plastic handle design with an internal thread which will fit on most standard poles. The chrome plated mini roller frames are extremely durable and reusable.

The best paint roller for doors, cupboards and skirting are mini sized, as they have the ability to fit into those smaller nooks and crannies whilst still delivering the smooth finish you can expect from all Monarch rollers. 

Are there different variations of mini roller sizes?

Yes – Monarch has both short and long mini roller frames to accommodate for your project needs. We have 100mm and 160mm roller frame width options available.

What mini roller covers are available?

Depending on how you want your finish to look, Monarch offers a range of trade quality mini roller covers. Our Mini Foam Roller Covers are high density and will give you a high gloss finish.

The Microfibre Mini Roller Covers are the best choice for a low sheen or semi-gloss finish. For a flat or low-sheen finish, the Fabric Mini Rollers are a great option. All of our small paint roller covers are suitable to use with water-based paints. Each style is available in both two-pack and ten-pack varieties. 

Which mini roller frame will give me the smoothest finish?

The thickness of the roller nap helps to determine the finish. The roller covers with thinner naps will give you a smoother finish, which is why all of our mini roller naps only range from 4 – 10mm in width.

Are mini roller kits available?

Absolutely! Monarch has both 4-piece and 8-piece trade quality mini roller kits available. The mini roller kits include a frame, paint tray and mini roller refills.