Paint Trays & Paint Tray Liners

Paint Trays & Paint Tray Liners

Why should trade painters use heavy duty paint trays?

Trade specific paint trays are designed to fulfil the needs of professional painters. They have deeper wells and are designed to hold more paint. Often, they’re made from sturdier materials, giving them greater durability in all conditions.  

Monarch has a range of professional paint tray sizes ranging from 100mm for jobs where a mini roller is required, up to a 270mm size for jobs that require rolling a larger surface area.

What are the key features of professional paint trays?

If you’re using a professional quality paint tray, such as the Monarch Heavy Duty Paint Tray, they typically have some key features which are designed to make the painters’ job easier.

Our heavy duty paint tray is made from durable material so it lasts longer and can withstand all types of conditions. The longer grid area with a dimpled design, allows for a more even roller cover loading. There are built-in corner pourers for emptying excess paint with ease and a roller frame handle rest, which is the perfect spot to place a roller frame in-between coats.

What is the benefit of using paint tray liners?

Paint tray liners are perfect for the time poor professional, who may not have time to spend cleaning out their paint tray after each job.

The Monarch Heavy Duty Paint Tray Liners will minimise clean up time by protecting the tray from paint and are disposable.

How do you keep paint fresh in a tray between coats?

Have you done your first coat but need to wait a day or two to complete the rest of the job? Simply seal the paint tray with aluminium foil or cling wrap to keep the paint fresh. This is applicable for brushes and rollers, which can also be wrapped up between coats.