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Paint Brushes FAQ

What are features to look for in quality paint brushes?

When it comes to coverage and precision, you can’t go past using a synthetic filament brush. Monarch’s handcrafted paint brushes include a premium soft, synthetic tapered filament blend which guarantees a beautiful, smooth finish. Soft filament is perfect when using water based, low VOC paints. Other features to look for include a well-constructed, durable handle and a stainless-steel ferrule to help bind the bristles and secure the brush in shape.

Which paint brushes are the best choice for trade painters?

When it comes to a professional paint brush, the most important thing for a trade painter is to use a brush that can hold a lot of paint. This allows painters to get better coverage, which gets the job done faster. Monarch’s trade paint brushes contain more synthetic filament than standard DIY brushes to pick up more product. The thicker filament applies to all brushes in the trade range, whether you’re using a wall paint brush, sash cutter or oval cutter brush.

How many different paint brushes do you need for a professional job?

Having a range of paint brush sizes allows you to tackle any job. It is important to have a series of brushes in your kit which can help to tackle any surface – including a big paint brush for wall, angled paint brushes for precision when cutting in and round paint brushes for detailing work.

How should I take care of my professional paint brush?

To make your professional Monarch paint brush lasts as long as possible, it is important to follow these key steps to take care of them.

  • Following your first coat, wrap the brush in aluminium foil. This allows the brush to stay moist and not dry out for at least a week.
  • Once you’ve completed your job, rinse the brush in a bucket of warm, soapy water and run a brush cleaning comb through the bristles.