Paint Buckets

Paint Buckets & Pots

What types of paint buckets are available to the professional painter?

A sturdy paint bucket is imperative for a professional painter. Monarch has a range of buckets for any type of project.

For smaller touch ups, we recommend using a compact paint container, like the Monarch 140mm Paint Pot. It comes with an adjustable strap and is easy to carry when you’re on the move. This is the perfect accessory to partner with a mini roller.

For medium sized jobs, the 4L Metal Paint Bucket will do the trick. It has a galvanised finish to prevent rust and an easy to carry handle. This bucket has built-in volume measurements and a rolled top edge to avoid brush damage.

For large scale jobs where a roller is required, the Monarch Metal Tray is a brilliant option. It is made from commercial grade metal and includes a roller grid for easy paint coverage. This sturdy tray can hold up to 4L of paint.

Can paint buckets be multi-purpose?

Absolutely! Our buckets aren’t just conducive to painting projects. Our Plastic Paint Pot can easily be used for a variety of purposes, including fishing, gardening, cleaning and mixing. The accompanying lid with this particular bucker can also give you a leakproof solution for any storage needs around the home. 

What is the benefit of using paint pot liners?

Paint pot liners will extend the life of your paint pot by protecting it from excess paint. They can be used with any paint or solvent and are easily disposable.

Liners are a great option if your job needs to allow for quick colour changes, without the hassle of washing out your paint pot. It also reduces clean up time once your job has been completed.

Monarch’s Paint Pot Liners are currently available in a 3 pack.