Construction Adhesive

Using Construction Adhesive

How to Use Monarch Mini Easy Nails

The Monarch Mini Easy Nails Construction Adhesive is a strong multi-purpose adhesive used for bonding most common building materials including timber, metal, ceramics and masonry. When used with a Monarch Mini Compact Caulking Gun, you will be able to access tight spaces where traditional caulking cartridges cannot. It is perfect for small projects where a full-size cartridge is not required resulting in less waste.

Monarch Mini Easy Nails is a strong, multipurpose construction adhesive, designed to bond the most common building materials, including timber, metal and ceramics.

When applying skirting boards, hold the caulking gun at a 45-degree angle and dispense Easy Nails evenly across the surface which will bond to the wall. Press the skirting board firmly against the wall and Easy Nails will hold it in place. Allow 24 hours for the formula to completely cure.