Roller Covers

Roller Covers FAQ

What is the difference between the various paint roller cover fabrics?

The key difference between ultra microfibre, woven polyester and lambswool paint roller cover fabrics is the amount of paint they hold and the coverage you get. 

Ultra microfibre paint roller sleeves are perfect to use in interior areas for a premium finish. After loading the roller, ultra microfibre covers will give you two roller widths of paint across a large surface. 

Woven polyester is an open weave roller cover design which is intended to hold more paint. This roller will give you increased coverage of three roller widths of paint once loaded. With woven polyester, it is important to lay off to get that flawless finish.

Lambswool is a professional fabric used in our paint roller sleeve which achieves the ultimate coverage of up to 4 or more roller widths of paint for large areas once loaded. This is a great roller cover for exterior areas, as well as indoors. 

No matter which type of paint roller cover you choose in Monarch’s professional range, all of them will give you a beautiful, premium finish.   

What size roller cover should I use?

Monarch has a large range of paint rollers covers for the professional painter. We have both mini paint rollers and large paint rollers to cater for any project or surface. Available sizes are:








How to clean paint roller sleeves

To keep your paint roller covers looking as good as new, remove them from the frame immediately after use and wash them in a bucket of warm, soapy water. This will avoid paint on the roller cover drying. Use a roller cleaner to brush out the excess paint and leave the roller cover out to dry. 

Make sure you don’t leave the roller cover soaking in water, as this will damage the fabric.