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MONARCH® is the leading paint accessory brand in Australia, with a wide range of quality products on offer.

MONARCH® is recognised for delivering quality and well performing products across most painting categories for professional painters and DIY painters. When a quality finish is important to you, MONARCH® is the answer. Monarch can be found in all good hardware stores and in a wide network of paint specialists and trade stores.

Features & Benefits
  • New Woven Polyester fabric provides high volume, excellent paint coverage for a quality finish.
  • Can be used with all paint types.
  • Features a durable polypropylene (PP) plastic core that and will maintain its shape.
  • End caps on roller covers help to reduce paint splatter.
  • 20mm Nap features a very generous paint pick up and release and the thicker fabric allows for a broader range of application. 
  • 20mm long nap is the most versatile roller cover within the range, for use in both interior and exterior applications.
  • Ideal for painting ceilings, providing a fast and efficient application to finish the job quickly.
  • Can be used on slightly rough exterior surfaces like render, eaves and bagged brick.
Size & Codes
3 x 230mm RM3487
3 x 270mm RM3488

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